Policy areas

Living environment and water management 

We are working towards a liveable future by investing in the environment, climate, the natural environment, watercourses, landscape and the management of watercourses. Using tools such as environmental licensing and the Provincial Institute for Hygiene (PIH) as a modern environmental lab, all our services are aiming at a healthy, pleasant and climate proof province. We prevent floods by building infrastructure such as flood plains and by maintaining our 2,400 km of unnavigable watercourses.  


The Province of Antwerp is highly committed to a network of cycle highways, collects information about cycle routes using the ‘Fietsbarometer’, supports local traffic safety policies, advises businesses on sustainable commuting options and carries out transport studies.


Safety is of the utmost importance in the Province of Antwerp. We organise courses for the police, fire service and emergency medical service and provide training in disaster management.  

Planning and heritage

Achieving more in the same area while respecting our heritage: as a supralocal government we work together with private and public parties to achieve this aim. 

Region-focused policies 

Region-focused policies encourage different municipalities and partners to work together for the benefit of the region. Using a cross-sector approach, we create a positive dynamic for developing the area.

Economy, Region and Europe 

The Province of Antwerp supports municipalities and entrepreneurs in the areas of the economy and innovation. Together we work on developing a sustainable housing policy and creating room for experimentation with innovative projects. The province is also a gateway to European funding and international relations.

Agricultural and Countryside 

We invest in a sustainable countryside through projects, raising awareness and practical agricultural research.  


The Province of Antwerp is committed to ensuring strong secondary and adult education geared to the labour market.  


The Province of Antwerp manages and ensures access to 16 parks, woods and grounds. Over 2,200,000 visitors come here to walk, cycle, play and exercise each year and we provide the necessary infrastructure and organise events while protecting the environment where necessary. Each area has its own character, from a recreational area to a wood, campsite or event venue. 

Global policy 

As the first Fair Trade Province, it is our purchasing policy to select fair trade products. We realise regional projects in Guatemala and the Philippines. We support municipalities, schools and associations that are helping developing countries. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) act as a guideline for provincial policy making.