AGHRANT partners have a strong expertise in applied agricultural and horticultural research for plant and animal production including field and greenhouse vegetables, strawberry, feed crops, poultry (broilers and layers) and dairy cattle in a variety of key areas: crop protection, nutrition, precision agriculture, varieties, mechanization, reduction of emissions, efficient use of resources and energy, reduce impact on environment, young stock, reduction of antibiotics, animal welfare and health,...

AGHRANT ensures a closer collaboration between the research stations and brings their European cooperation and project development and participation to a higher level.

AGHRANT partners are part of Agrolink Flanders.

Proefbedrijf Pluimveehouderij

Experimental Poultry Centre

  • Poultry (borilers and layers)
Proefcentrum Hoogstraten

Research Centre Hoogstraten

  • Greenhouse vegetables and strawberies
Proefstation voor de groenteteelt

Research Station for Vegetable Production PSKW

  • Field and greenhouse vegetables


  • Dairy cattle, feed crops and rural development