BITS - Bicycles in Intelligent Transport Systems

The BITS project (Bicycles and Intelligent Transport Systems) is part of the EU Interreg North Sea Regions Programme. With lead partner the province of Overijssel, the province of Antwerp, city of Brugge, research facility VIVES and nine other partners from the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark and the United Kingdom work together to address the above raised questions.

The province of Antwerp constructs a Cycle Data Hub to collect the available cycling data from the partners and relevant quality data from the BITS community and add the newly created and tested datasets from a substantial number of pilot projects in which new bicycle related ITS technologies will be tested.

The province of Antwerp participates in the pilot projects, such as the 3D camera AI traffic analysis that was used in Bornem.

The province of Antwerp also contributes as a host to international academies, workshops and conferences such as the Cycle Data Academy for the exchange of knowledge, expertise and contacts.

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